Friday, 13 August 2010

What do you call a group of Lemurs?

At the beginning of the week we visited the in laws up in the not so sunny Morecambe. Whilst we were there we visited the South Lakes Wild Animal Park. Anything to do with animals is always a big hit with my family. It is a small park, not having a huge number of animals but it has imaginatively thought out enclosures. The Giraffes are housed with the Rhinos and Baboons and there are high viewing galleries, great for giraffe watching. The kids even had chance to feed them.

There is a walk through enclosure entitled Madagascar, full of lemurs, wallabies and emus.
Around part of the park there is a tree top walk way great for viewing the animals below.
So if you're in the area I would definitely recommend a visit.

Finally what do you call a group of Lemurs? Well the answer is a troop but from this picture we decided a huggle was more appropriate!

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