Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Brightening up the day.

Well it's a bit dull and not very warm here so i thought i'd brighten up the day by listing some pretty hairclips.

They are simple to make and look beutiful. They are made from satin which is hand cut into a rough circular shape and then the edges are singed. They are layered together and then hand sewn with additional bead embelishments.

Check out some other cheery items listed on Folksy today

Cheerful earrings by Milliebeads

A gorgeous bracelet from shooglybeads

And this sweet bag by polka dots and posies

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Must Do Better!!

Well it's the start of another year and rather than making new years resolutions I am instead setting myself hopefully realistic targets for the next year. I have purchased a note book so I can make "To Do" lists in the attempt of preventing idle surfing and twittering! Once the husband and children are back in their righful places on Wednesday I will begin!!