Wednesday, 22 September 2010

First Treasury

After being included in a few Etsy treasuries in the last few weeks I decided to take the plunge and create one myself. I wanted a theme that was a bit different from the usual, there are a lot of pretty things out there but I wanted something that would stand out.
So I decided to base my first treasury around my life BK(before kids). My career was in hospital laboratories. I worked in histology the place were the bits you have removed during operations are cut up for diagnosis, so I've seen a lot!
I started looking at all the lovely items on Etsy and was quite surprised at the number of items that fitted into my theme, and was surprised at how body parts and internal organs can be artist and beautiful in their own way!

Please check it out, there are some great items included.

The Anatomy of Etsy

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  1. What a great treasury! I've clicked and commented :)

    Sarah x