Thursday, 22 July 2010

Giraffe Folksy Friday

This weekend whilst my eldest is away at Brownie camp we are moving her sister into her own room. We have redecorated, with her guidance, she decided she wanted a giraffe theme. In reality we've painted her walls green and bought her a big giraffe poster.

So I thought this week I'd look and see what wonderful giraffe creations there were over on folksy. This is what I found.

For more details please click on the individual pictures.

Northfield Primitives Nutty Crafts
Dottie Cards Mary, Quire Contrary
Polkadot Sundays Molly moo and Jessica too

1. Giraffe £26 - Northfield Primitives
2. Giraffe cloth shopper bag £10 - Nutty Crafts
3. Personalised Giraffe Birthday card £3.45 - Dottie cards
4. Safari Pearls charm bracelet £10 - Mary, Quite Contrary
5. Martin the paper Giraffe £65 - Polkadot Sundays
6. Keep me warm Zoo Quilt £30 - Molly Moo and Jessica too

Just a note to say 50% of sales from Molly Moo and Jessica too Folksy shop this weekend (til midnight 25th) will be donated to Cancer Research


  1. Lovely giraffe finds. I'm going to the zoo this weekend to see the new giraffe baby. Sarah's giraffe is brilliant and I love the tote too

  2. Love the blog. I clearly haven`t got the hang of this yet on mine. Have become a follower. Had a look in your shop too, hadn`t seen it before, stunning jewellery. I favorited your shop for future reference. Linda

  3. giraffes make me laugh, cute one from northfield primatives and sweet card ;0)

  4. Thank-you so much Leanne for including my little giraffe in your collection. He wanted me to tell you that he feels most proud! Sarah x

  5. Thank you for including my card in your picks! Hope your daughter had a fab time! Dottie x

  6. ohh lovely! I have a giraffe in my storage box somewhere... maybe I should bring him/her

  7. Hey, thank you so much for including my 'safari pearls' charm bracelet in your blog. Your jewellery looks great! :)
    Mary x