Friday, 18 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Stunning Semi-precious

I love semi-precious stones and quite a lot of my jewellery incorporates them. The range of stones is vast from agate through to vesuvianite. There are stones of all colours of the rainbow and many more inbetween. Semi-precious jewellery is a key trend this year and looking on folksy you can see why it is so popular. This week I asked the sellers of folksy to show me their favourite pieces of semi-precious jewellery I think you will agree that semi-precious stones are simply stunning. As usual if anything catches your eye just click on the picture for more details

Trinketbox Nithria
Lisa-maries jewellery Unique beaded gems
Coco Stone Jewellery LauraFaye crafts
Priti Jewellery Spirit of the Woods
Hollybird beads Cosmic Eden
Rainbow Rocks NOfkantscurios
jcu designs Red Moon
Jewels of isis Blue forest jewellery

1. Botswana agate by Trinket box 2. Red aventurine by Nithria
3. Coral and turquoise by Lisa-Maries jewellery 4.Blue banded agate by Unique Beaded Gems 5. Pink amethyst by Coco Stone Jewellery 6.Rose Quartz by Laurafaye crafts
7. Turquoise By Priti jewellery 8. Red coral by Spirit of the Woods
9.Blue Goldstone by Hollybird Beads 10. Lavender chalcedony by Cosmic Eden
11. Mixed gemstones by rainbow Rocks 12. Amazonite by NOfkantscurios
13. carnelian by jcu designs 14. Aquamarine by Red Moon
15. Mixed gemstones by Jewels of isis 16. amethyst and malachite by Blue Forest jewellery


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  2. Thank you so much for including my Tadpole carved amazonite pendant, in your mouthwatering blog! All the treasure trove of gemstones are stunning!

    Natalie x

  3. Thank you for inc. my pendant. There are some gorgeous items on here!

    Priti x

  4. Thank you for including my Twilight bracelet - a lovely array of all the wonderful different coloured semi-precious gemstones available that you've put together with all these pieces too :)

  5. I love the rainbow necklace x

  6. Thanks for including my lapis necklace! I love semi precious stones and you have chosen some lovely pieces. Jo x

  7. kwl :o) check this out